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This is a sample of some of our policies in clearway Montessori pre-school. Upon booking all parents are given a full list of our policies and procedures. Alternatively for a full copy of clearway Montessori pre-school policies and procedures contact the pre-school.

Admissions policy

Clearway Montessori Pre-school is committed to offering access to the group and its facilities, to all adults and children, inclusive of gender, martial status, family status, age, disability, race sexually orientation, membership of the travelling community and religious belief. Clearway Montessori Pre-school operates an “open door” policy (a welcome at all times for all parent/guardian/carers). This is especially relevant during the settling-in period.


Admission Procedure

  • Clearway Montessori Pre-school caters for children aged between 2years 6 months and 6 years.

  • Children will be admitted on a first come first serviced basis.

  • A completed Clearway Montessori Pre-school booking form and child’s record form must be completed prior to the child starting.

  • A booking deposit of €100 must be paid.

  • Waiting list is taken if no places currently available.

Operational times Drop off and collection

Operational Times

Clearway Montessori Pre-school has an open door policy for parents.

Please inform the pre-school if anyone other than the parents or designated people are collecting your child. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to collect your child from Clearway Montessori Pre-school.

We ask all parents to shut any doors or safety gates behind them.


Session Times

Morning Session Monday – Friday

9 am – 12 pm. The pre-school is open from 8.55am to facilitate parents going to work or dropping older children to school. Please note collection time is 12pm sharp.

Drop off and collection times must be strictly adhered to facilitate the smooth running of the pre-school.

Afternoon Session

1pm – 4pm

Please note:parking is not available on the premises of KDYS it is for staff only. Lewis road car park has an access path right down to the centre.

Due to health & safety please ensure that you child is by your side when entering & leaving the KDYS Premises. Please beware it is a staff car park & staff may be driving in or out of the centre.

The KDYS Youth Centre and grounds are a smoke free area.

We would ask parents to always be punctual when collecting their children. If you are going to be late, could you please inform the Pre-school. We would ask for all parents co-operation on this matter.

Fees are payable at the beginning of each week

€100 deposit is required when booking which is part of last payments in June 2014

The deposit is only refundable if your child continues until the end of school year.

Payments are required when your child is out sick.

There are no fees charged when Clearway Montessori Pre-school closes for school holidays apart from bank holidays when the school is open for the remainder of the week.

ECCE Scheme (Free pre-school Year)

I operate the ECCE programme for 3 hours a day (9-12pm or 1-4pm), 5 days a week for 38 weeks which amounts to 183 open days. This service is free of charge for eligible children. To be eligible for the ECCE scheme your child has to be aged more than 3years 2 months and less than 4year 7 months at 1st September in the relevant pre-school year. This means that children born between 2 February 2008 and 30 June 2009 will qualify for the free pre-school year in September 2012. Children born between 2 February 2009 and 30 June 2010 will qualify in September 2013

Deposit for ECCE Scheme

Our service charges a deposit of €100 on enrolment to hold a child’s ECCE place for September. This deposit will be returned at the end of October as long as the Parent Declaration form is completed in early September and the child is verified as eligible for this programme, and my service is paid under the ECCE programme for the first four weeks. Otherwise the deposit is lost.

Outside play Policy

In an effort to provide a healthy lifestyle for children in Clearway Montessori Pre-school we like to ensure the children get to experience all elements of weather. Clearway Montessori Pr-school believes in the importance of outdoor play for the children.

Outside Play Procedure

    • All children will be suitably dressed with weather appropriate clothing provided by the parents.

    • Outside play area is checked by staff before the children go out to play.

Parents/Guardians to provide:

    • Suitable weather appropriate clothing (Hat, gloves, coat, scarf and rain coat).

    • Wellingtons (Must be labelled and left in the service in event of the grass being damp)

Sun Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

Clearway Montessori Pre-school undertakes to promote the general welfare, health and full development of children and protect them from harm of all kinds, in line with articles 19 and 34 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Clearway Montessori Pre-school also undertakes to protect the personal integrity, safety and well being of each child in the pre-school in line with the provisions of the National Child Protection Guidelines - Children First.

The service is committed to ensuring that staff are trained in the recognition of signs of abuse and how to report these signs.

Child Protection Procedures

  • Clearway Montessori Pre-school has a copy of “Children First” The National Child Protection Guidelines on the premises and will ensure that it is available to be read by all members of staff, volunteers and trainees.

  • The manager of the service will attend Child Protection training and staff will be encouraged to avail of the Child Protection training provided by the local Health Service Executive. All staff currently have child protection training.

  • The Designated Person is the manager (Ciara Mc Carthy) of Clearway Montessori Pre-school whose role is to receive all child protection concerns. A staff member will be appointed Deputy Designated Person( Karen Graham) whose role is to fill in for the Designated Person during annual leave and sick leave.

  • Clearway Montessori Pre-school is committed to having the recommended ratio of adults at all times in order to maximise the positive development of children and to comply with good practice in the prevention of abuse.

  • Management/employees/volunteers/ trainees will be Garda vetted. Garda vetting is a requirement under Article 8 of the Child Care (Pre-school Services) Regulations, 2006.

  • Two references for employees will be required and they will be checked in person by management.

  • Please see “Children First” for reporting procedures to be followed.


Healthy Eating Policy

It is the policy of Clearway Montessori Pre-school to promote the health and well being of children through prevention of illness, encouraging take-up and completion of immunisation programmes and developmental checks, and supporting all aspects of the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual health of the child. Clearway Montessori Pre-school will comply with current legislation regarding food hygiene, registration and training, including:

  • The Child Care Act 1991

  • The Child Care(Pre-school Services) Regulations, 2006

  • l.S:340 Hygiene and Catering Requirements

  • I.S 344 Guide to Good Hygiene Practices in Domestic Premises

  • E.C. Hygiene of Foodstuffs Regulations 2000(S.I 165 of 2000)

Healthy Eating Procedures

  • Parents are asked to provide their child with a small healthy snack and drink daily.

  • Sweets, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, nuts or fizzy drinks are not to be included as a healthy snack.

  • We ask that popcorn is not included as your child’s healthy snack. Popcorn carries high risk of choking for children under five.

  • We ask that nuts or nut products are not included as part of your child’s snack.

This is due to the fact that they are high allergy foods for young children. No nutella or cerals bars containing nuts or nut products.

  • Breakfast is your child’s most important meal of the day. Please ensure that your child eats a nutritious breakfast in the mornings.

  • Please use reusable food containers and avoid using pre-packaged drinks. A large part of your child’s education focuses on caring for the earth. Please help them to learn to be earth friendly.

  • Any uneaten food will be returned as much as possible in your child’s lunch box. This will help parents to know how much their child has eaten.



Curriculum Policy
Clearway Montessori Pre-school is committed to the Montessori Method of education and the Aistear curriculum framework. We believe in a curriculum based on shared principles which supports young children’s learning, development and well-being.
In Clearway Montessori Pre-school we believe in:

  • The Montessori Method.
  • The Aistear curriculum framework.
  • The importance of play.
  • Children as competent learners.
  • Curriculum is enriched by diversity and underpinned by equality.


The Curriculum describes all the opportunities, experiences and events whether planned or unplanned that occur within the pre-school


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